Aylwin Construction is a company that provide full service for commercial and residential buildings. We mainly do roofs, but also we can do any part of the exterior of a building. Our company is prepared to offer our client the
best options for their home. Making a complete transformation if you desire.

We can convert flat roofs to pitched roofs, install or replace a skylight, add a second store to your house, add dormers, or do complete remodeling jobs.

Converting flat roof to a pitch roof

There are places that a pitch roof works better than a flat roof. In Oregon sometimes it is the best option, depending on size and dimension.

We have engineered many flat to pitch roof conversions including all the drawing and permits. Aylwin Construction can provide a high quality job with the best roof and carpenters professionals.


Many homes have attics that can be turned in living space. Dormers are commonly used to increase the usable space and create window openings.When we bid roofs, if we believe your house would gain from this, we can include a bid for a dormer. Aylwin Construction can offer different types of dormers: gable, shed, hipped, segmental or eyebrow; respecting the
architectural design of your house.

Exterior Design and Remodeling

We can make a complete exterior repair, design or remodel of your residential or commercial place. Aylwin Construction has done many complete houses remodel. We work with the best professionals to make an
excellent and unique space.

Second story addition

A common renovation for people looking to add major living space to their home is add a second story. We can add a level of renovation, transforming single level houses into spacious two story houses.

Taking the roof off your house and adding a whole new level on top may sound like a drastic change for gain space, but there are various situations in which it makes sense.

Aylwin Construction has experience doing houses transformations, making unique styles and design for our client.

Skylights and Solar tube

Bring more natural light into your home with a skylight or a solar tube. They can make a room feel bigger and help turn an ordinary room into something special and create more open aesthetic. We offer an assortment of skylights and solar tubes to meet your needs. Skylights come in a range of sizes and features. Our experienced team here at Aylwin Construction can find the perfect skylight for your budget, style and preferences.

Chimney Removal

If you have an unused chimney, maybe it is time to remove from your home.  Cooled or heated air from inside your home can escape through the chimney.

Aylwin Construction removes unused chimneys, reframe and deck the roof.

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