Aylwin Construction is a family owned business that has been doing roofs in the greater Portland and Seattle areas since 1994. Over the last 24 years we have completed numerous large apartment complexes and condominiums in both Seattle and Portland. We have also completed extremely difficult historic churches, monuments, and private homes. We do any structures from large industrial buildings to small residential properties.

Lutheran Church (SE Lake St. Milwaukie)


Cave Junction National Monument


Agrium Fertilizer Plant, Kennewick, WA.


Condominium Project, Port Townsend, WA


Mc Kesson Corporation, Wilsonville, OR


La Salle Apartments, Beaverton, OR

SE Ankeny, Portland, OR


Residential Job, Tigard, OR


Hilton Hotel, Seattle, WA


Fairview – OR


Origami – North Portland


Stonewater at Orenco


Safety Program and training

Aylwin Construction does extensive formal training in safety and has achieved a very low mod rate, because of our strict compliance to safety standards.
We also conduct formal training on proper manufacturer recommendations for roofing installation and ventilation specifications. Our installers all have credentials from shingle manufacturers, having completed shingle installation courses.


Safety Equipment, loading & disposal Vehicles


From the first call, our professional team will prepare a detailed proposal with all options presented in an easy to understand layout. We will measure the roof and gutters and detail exactly what we propose as well as quantities of material that we expect to use. If we are awarded the job, we will supply a detailed schedule and progress reports with pictures emailed after each individual building or major portion of the project is completed.
All employees are paid hourly, not by piecemeal or “by the square”. This ensures a much higher quality of work.
The crews that do the actual work have at their disposal the best equipment to make the job both safe and efficient. We have four 55’ reach graduals to unload debris off the roof, to avoid any garbage on the ground. We also have four roll-off trucks with debris boxes, so we can service our own jobs, a 110’ jib crane truck allowing us to load tall roofs, and a 65’ boom truck and 32’ conveyor truck- allowing us to use whichever is most appropriate to complete the job in the most efficient manner. We have stair scaffolds instead of ladders to access the roof and make it safer for our crews. We supply our own portable toilets for each job.


We have our own gutter truck with 5K – 6K and fascia machines so we can schedule gutter work in conjunction with our roof schedules.


We recommend insulating the attic while the roof is off. This allows us access from the roof rather than a stuffed closet, making it easier for us and less obtrusive for the tenants or homeowners. Our crews are trained in proper baffles and insulation installation.

Dormers, windows, and siding

Our carpenter can do all exterior work, including repairs to siding near roof that may have dry rot, to installing dormers, full siding, and new windows.




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